Transport Design Consultancy
We are experts in brand identity design for transport. This includes signing, wayfinding and information design, vehicle liveries and branded environments. Our clients are public transport authorities, road, rail and marine passenger service providers, mass transit operators, airports and port authorities, and construction companies and developers around the world.
We work on major transport projects in cities as diverse as Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and our home base London. Public transport is one of the fastest growing sectors globally and a prime driver of economic growth for many countries, regions and cities. Understanding the technical and aesthetic needs of public transport systems is our core competence.
Founded by transport design specialist Tony Howard, TDC uses design to make transport systems and complex public environments identifiable, accessible, safe and easy to use. We work closely with transport planners, project managers, architects, engineers and vehicle designers to bring about graphic and product design solutions that seamlessly integrate with the transport environment.